The Global Power & Energy Elites 

The Global Power & Energy Elites – produced by Smart Energy International in collaboration with the global Clarion Power and Energy Series  – is an annual publication in its seventh year. 

Since its inception in 2015, the Global Elites publication has grown and developed into a book that not only highlights the milestones and growth of the smart energy transmission and distribution sectors but now extends to include generation across all power technologies.

These are the influential leaders of today and the projects that are enabling a positive tomorrow. The publication aims to highlight and recognise thought-leaders and projects across the global value chain –through a public nomination process—driving development in the international power and energy space.

With a hand-picked Advisory Board, each nomination is screened and vetted by highly experienced and knowledgeable figures within the global power and energy space. 

What is an Elite project?

In the global micro to macro smart(er) energy landscape, these projects play an impactful role in the energy revolution of utilities and their customers. Through their innovations, reliable power supply, energy efficiency, more accessible payment methods and clean power evacuation options are possible.

These benchmarked projects offer direct and indirect community models that other regions are looking to replicate. 


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Who is an Elite leader?

These individuals are making an impact in the development and current transition of the power and energy sector. Their reach could be local, regional or global.

Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of these influencers - their leadership approach through trying times of change and diversity - is what this publication highlights for others to emulate. Leaders – on the buy and sell-side – driving change for the greater good, making access to power for all an achievable goal.


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