12 Nov 2019

Energy utilities undergo seismic shift

Prime Alliance

By 2030, the cost of electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy will become less expensive than fossil fuel and the share of renewable energy will increase to 65% – and then to 80% by 2050. As millions of new wind and solar power generation elements—as well as millions of EVs—are integrated, new, potentially destabilising problems with the grid will arise.

We need a solution that integrates the fluctuating power demand; one that prevents blackouts and supports new business models. We need a broadband metering system with an ability to ensure the online connectivity of millions of IoT devices, providing the energy industry a reliable communications network. We need a solution that records energy flows and manages and regulates all these elements securely in virtual real-time, with instant communication.

Recognising this metamorphosis in the utility sector, Prime Alliance started the Broadband Powerline Task Force in 2018, sponsored by some of the largest EU utilities: Iberdrola, E.ON, CEZ, EnBW/Netze, Silicon companies, meter vendors and testing authorities including STMi, Renesas, Microchip, Intel, El Sewedy, ZIV, IBM, Tecnalia and others.

Corinex, in close cooperation with other members, provided the leadership in the BPL Taskforce, sharing experience from its revolutionary BPL technology. Corinex’s intellectual property is setting the pace in the standardisation effort in ITU (International Telecommunication Union). Germany is facing the above disruptive challenges in the energy sector, where E.oN, a provider of cybersecure renewable energy, chose Corinex for its smart metering infrastructure.

BPL’s superior performance is more cost-effective than any wireless or powerline technology. Corinex is four hundred times faster than legacy narrowband communications; and it safely integrates old and new systems, making it an intelligent solution for resilient energy supply providing proven cybersecurity.

Corinex BPL communication provides: 

• Resilience and reliability—with a range of up to 1,000 meters 
• Fully automated network deployment 
• Zero touch network maintenance technology 
• Ultrahigh sensitivity to provide optimised network reachability to every customer 
• Superior noise immunity among all competitors
• Automatic phase selection that eliminates any guesswork aspects that may creep out of installations 
• Robust, resilient, reliable industrialised design serving the harshest environment 
• State of the art security framework protecting customer data 
• High performance provides high granularity on collected data on power quality, billing, loading analysis, power outage, tariff scheduling, exchange of ToU tables, disconnect control, etc. 
• Unified data from all meter types 
• IoT NMS facilitating deployment and operation of large-scale BPL networks in mass rollouts

The goal of the Prime Alliance BPL Taskforce is to provide the industry with an open interoperable solution to address the needs of utilities and their customers. As a result, technology will be available from multiple vendors at a Fair Pricing Model.

Use cases have been established with four types of architectures, including BPL to the meter with G.hn as the most promising future technology platform. The recommendation is to use validated BPL technologies; for example, Corinex UPA deployed at Iberdrola, E.ON and CEZ.

Corinex Communications Corp. develops software and manufactures and delivers solutions for Smart Metering & BPL communication infrastructure serving utilities based on Broadband Over Powerline (BPL) communication to enable integration of traditional & renewable energy in the most secure way and resolving key challenges of utilities.

Email: info@corinex.com

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