12 Nov 2019

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Meters and More

The Association has committed to provide an interoperable end-to-end solution for smart metering and to develop extensions for complementary valueadded services based on the same principles of openness, interoperability, efficiency, robustness and security of communications.

One of the primary goals of recent efforts in the smart metering arena is making consumption data available in ‘near real-time’ to the end customer. Customer awareness is a fundamental step to obtaining reductions in energy consumption and demand. The way we address customer awareness within the frame of the Meters and More Protocol is the definition of a protocol extension, currently being drafted within the scope of WP3 activities (part of the TCS).

Such novel protocol enables direct communication between the smart meter and the home gateway, a device owned by and installed inside the customer’s premises. This communication enables the home gateway to query the smart meter about energy consumption.

Many registers in the meter’s data tables can be made available for the gateway so that a complete profile of energy consumption can be presented to the customer. No restrictions are imposed on the way that the gateway can make use of the available data: it is up to the gateway’s manufacturer to decide how data is presented to the customer, be it via a local display, a web server.

The extension protocol includes an appropriate ‘pairing procedure’ that uniquely identifies each gateway to each meter. Every customer will be able to read their meter and consumption data, irrespective of their building type. In addition, the protocol comprises adequate secure communication mechanisms to ensure the privacy of metered data. This innovative protocol helps the industry at large, by enabling the creation of many kinds of energy management applications; and more specifically, customers in becoming fully aware of their consumption, opening opportunities for essential energy savings.

Meters and More is a global non-profit industry organisation that maintains and promotes the Meters and More protocol for bi-directional data transfer in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) systems. This new generation powerline communications protocol, internationally recognised as a standard protocol for smart grid communications at CENELEC (CLC/FPrTS 50568), is the most widely deployed communication protocol for remote meter management.

The Meters and More technology, also known as SMITP (smart metering information and telecommunication protocol), consists of a set of protocols aimed at secure end-to-end communication for smart metering. It provides an identical message protocol for all communication interfaces among the different components of a modern AMI architecture.

These components include a central system that manages the whole smart metering network, data concentrators that collect data provided by smart meters, the metering devices, and local O&M devices for local management of data.

Security by design is a crucial principle and is achieved by authentication, encryption and message integrity verification without the need for translation barriers along the communication path. Meters and More is not only a powerline communication (PLC) technology but also includes all interfaces for a complete end-to end solution for smart metering and many more applications.

"The Meters and More Association is sighting scenarios that go over the meter and are directed to interesting perspectives all relating to the utility, manufacturers and consumers…"

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