21 Jan 2022
    "You have to value your people. When people know how their contribution fits into the bigger picture, they will have every reason to wake up and go to work daily."

    21 Jan 2022
    "The proof of being a good leader is that you can ‘disappear’ and the project will continue to go on, optimally."

    21 Jan 2022
    "I believe that we learn more about ourselves from failure than success."

    21 Jan 2022
    "People naturally want to grow and learn: it is in our nature, it is part of our DNA."

    21 Jan 2022
    "You have two ears and one mouth: listen more than you talk."

    21 Jan 2022
    "The way I see innovation is attacking a problem from a multi-dimensional aspect."

    21 Jan 2022
    "I strongly believe in delegation."

    21 Jan 2022
    "I am concerned that we are not going to achieve our objectives as a society, as an industry, and as a company if we don’t focus on making it simple for people to act."


  • National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) has had to adapt its balancing settlement system to cope with the complexities of the increasing balancing requirements of a renewable energy-based grid ...
  • Australian distribution utility United Energy reaps the rewards of its focus on improved system reliability and safety supported by automated switching and network intelligence.
  • Maryland utility Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) has run a two-year pilot demonstrating the potential of behavioural load-shaping communications alongside time-of-use (TOU) rates for customers, inclu ...
  • An investor-owned energy utility is pioneering the way forward with the ambitious approach of engaging its customers with real world data and messaging in efforts to improve their demand response acti ...
  • UK energy software platform Kaluza is enabling energy retailers to operate more efficiently and at lower costs while empowering end customers with easy-to-use digital experiences that help decarbonise ...
  • The Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) has acknowledged that South Africa continues to be the number one wind power market in Africa with 2.5GW of cumulative wind power capacity installed in the countr ...
  • Malaysia’s government plans to increase the share of renewable energy in its installed capacity to 31% in 2025 and 40% in 2035 under its power generation plan, according to the Malaysian Investment De ...
  • Hybrid energy solutions together with renewables are growing in popularity for remote mining operations for both cost and environmental considerations. The falling cost of energy storage is adding ano ...
  • KE is the only privatised vertically integrated utility in Pakistan, serving around 3.2 million customers over a 6 500km2 area. KE’s relationship with Karachi, economic hub of Pakistan, is over a cent ...
  • Adopting a complete customer-centric approach as part of an organisational objective, the Livingstone Shire Council, nestled approximately 650km north of Brisbane along the beautiful Capricorn Coast o ...
  • The implementation of a smart electric vehicle charging solution by Netherlands based provider GreenFlux in the park-and-ride Transferium Deuterstraat in the city of ’s-Hertogenbosch has been a key el ...
  • The Mangdechhu hydroelectric plant in central Bhutan, the country’s latest hydro plant to come online, has brought a significant increase in the installed power capacity, providing additional energy s ...
  • Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) is the United States’ largest natural gas utility, serving more than 21 million consumers and is uniquely positioned to contribute to the clean energy future ...
  • More than ever, operating a modern grid with increasing penetration of variable decentralised generation and complex power flows requires visibility from the edge up to the control room. As the number ...
  • Long used to cheap, heavily subsidised energy funded from buoyant oil prices, with the inevitable drop, Saudi Arabia was forced to reform its approach. This resulted in almost overnight increases of u ...

Partner Showcases

  • Start-ups and scale-ups fuelling the energy transition

    21 Jan 2022 Jonathan Spencer Jones & Nicholas Nhede
    Often start-ups, scale-ups and small companies are the ones equipped with the innovative ideas and agile approach critical to transforming the energy market; however, they are held back by many barrie ...
  • Areti Ntaradimou, Content Director at Enlit Europe and Editor of Smart Energy International, highlights the different initiatives from the European Commission to make sure the energy transition takes ...
  • Illuminating the City of Light

    21 Jan 2022 Itron
    "Rolling out smart city applications requires a new way of thinking and a more collaborative approach to managing cities…"
  • PRIME Alliance goes Hybrid

    21 Jan 2022 PRIME Alliance
    The PRIME Alliance is a membership-based organisation that includes utilities, research institutes, chipset and software companies, smart meter and data concentrator suppliers, integrators and consult ...
  • ESG through Revenue Assurance

    21 Jan 2022 Choice Holdings
    Choice’s customers are providing services to more than 180 million people around the world, and Choice’s Revenue Intelligence® is monitoring 1.4 trillion data points daily.
  • Meters and More: Milestones

    Meters and More is not only a powerline communication (PLC) technology but also includes all interfaces for a complete end-to-end solution for smart metering and many more applications.
  • "In 2020, these reports helped customers save over $32 million on their energy bills, reducing energy use by 141 million kWh and close to six million therms."
  • In 2016, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) mandated the liberation of the electricity market to provide a stable supply of energy, curb energy charges, and create an open retail m ...


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